Will you help Fred win Julia's heart?
In order to impress Julia, Fred needs to help her
solve the riddle of the magical stones.

But beware of the monsters living in the forest!
Magic in the Woods Magic in the Woods
These are special checkers: You play with animated
figures, either classical ones or with the gifts!

US / English, Czech, Italian and Brazilian rules supported.
Currently not available.
Dama Dama
Gomoku / Five in a Row game that can really play well!

Improve your Gomoku skills by playing with the Mouse
and qualify for the match with the Gomoku Master of
the Universe among all creatures - the big black Werecat!
Gomoku in the Tree Gomoku in the Tree
You will never forget namedays of your Czech, Slovak
or German friends anymore.

  • Be notified via notifications or calendar events
  • Send predefined smart sms and emails
  • Learn about Czech, Slovak or German given names
Svatek Svatek Svatek Svatek
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